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The weather in Columbia, MO is always changing throughout the year. We have put together some great information for you to learn more about the seasonal climate trends we experience here in central Missouri. You can also view the upcoming 7 day forecast for Columbia and monitor any incoming severe weather on our interactive radar map below.

Columbia, Missouri Weather Climate And Trends

Columbia, MO weather gives you a taste of every season. It will also keep you guessing. You can have a 20 to 30 degree change between days sometimes. If you don't like the weather one day, just be patient, the next day could be perfect. The coldest month in Columbia, MO is January with an average temperature overnight of 18.2 degrees F and the hottest month is July with an average day time temperature of 88.6 degrees F. The driest month is January with 1.73 inches of precipitation and the wettest month is May with 4.87 inches.

In the winter, Columbia experiences dry-cold air masses and in the summer we get warm air masses. Spring and fall vary with their temperatures. There are many abrupt changes in both temperature and precipitation. Temperatures over 100 degrees F are rare. In the winter, we do experience temperatures below freezing. Snow has been recorded as early as October and as late as May, but most snow falls in December through February. Thunderstorms are most frequent from April to July. May has the greatest numbers of days with hail.

Missouri experiences some extreme climate changes, but to us that live here, it is our normal. Columbia can experience high-intensity rains, major drought, heat waves, cold waves, ice storms, windstorms and tornados. These can lead to floods, fires, landslides and changes to plant and animal populations.

The summer in Columbia, MO is pretty humid. The humidity will make it feel like it is hotter than it actually is. Humans are sensitive to humid air. Some may have difficulty breathing when the weather is humid. Air conditioning will be your friend in the hot summer months!

How do we survive the cold winter? Your skin may take a beating. The humidity is gone and now cold, dry air has moved in. Your skin may feel like sand paper. Colder temperatures and the dry climate cause our skin to lose much of it's oil and water. Here are some tips to survive the winter with some smoother skin: try to avoid hot water, use a mild soap, moisturize your skin after bathing, use lip balm, keep a humidifier running in your home and cover up when you go out in the harsh temperatures.

In the springtime, you may experience troubles with your allergies. Some love the blooming flowers and trees and the newly green grass. Others greet them with sneezes and sniffles. Common spring allergy culprits are mold, trees and flowers. There are a few things you can do to ease your suffering. You can try installing special allergy filters in your air conditioning unit and keeping your windows shut to decrease the amount of allergens getting in your house. Make sure that you wash yourself and your clothes after coming in contact with pollen and mold spores. There are also many medications available to help make you feel better. If all else fails, you may want to try to be inside as much as possible.

Missouri reports an average of about 30 tornadoes a year. A tornado is a rotating column of air that is very violent and can sometimes be called a twister or cyclone. They come in various shapes and sizes. Most tornadoes have a speed of less than 110 miles per hour and are about 250 feet across. They will often travel for a few miles. About 8 of those are considered strong or violent. The state has seen tornadoes in every month of the year. March through June sees about 70% of the state's tornadoes. About 82% of the tornadoes occur between noon and midnight.

The length of daylight that Missouri receives varies throughout the year. It ranges from 9 hours and 26 minutes on the December solstice to 14 hours and 55 minutes at the June solstice. Columbia, MO also observes daylight savings time.

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