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Columbia Real Estate is your source for investment properties in central Missouri. Whether you are a first time investor or you are looking to add to your existing real estate portfolio, we are here to help you. If you would like to see any of these investments, contact our team of experienced agents and we will be glad to schedule a property showing for you.

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Columbia, MO Investment Properties

Columbia Real Estate provides real estate investors not only with our expertise, but our relationships in all real estate transactions. Our dedication to finding the perfect fit for any investor's need has allowed us to become the go to commercial real estate investment firm. Whether you are looking to buy one duplex or a 200-unit apartment complex, our Commercial Division can help you.

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Columbia, Missouri is the home of the University of Missouri, Columbia College, and Stephens College. What does this mean for the real estate investor? It means Columbia is a great place to invest in real estate. Young adults that attend one of our colleges, tend to move off campus after only one year of dorm living and are looking for a place to call home for the next few years.

Rental homes, duplexes, and apartment buildings are all solid property types to house students. Often times the new investor will start out with a rental home or duplex as these property types tend to be lower in price than an apartment complex. Thus, less upfront investment cost is required from the investor. Apartment buildings tend to be more in price, but the gross rental income will be much more due to the number of units for rent.

What are the benefits?

Appreciation – This is the value increase of the property, generally over a period of time. Appreciation is the silent benefit of real estate investing. With our expert analysis, Columbia Real Estate will make sure that the investor will purchase at the very best price. When you buy the property at a right price, you can assure a better appreciation position. In turn, the longer the property is owned, the higher the market value tends to increase.

Leverage – No other investment is easier to use the bank's money than in real estate investing. Current interest rates are historically low, which means that your capital is leveraged with a low down payment and maximizes your rate of return.

Cash Flow – Cash flow is the difference between the income and the expenses of the property. The property investor can take advantage of positive cash they receive each month on their investment.

What does Columbia Real Estate analyze for the real estate investor?

Property Value – Our experts are always analyzing current market conditions that can affect property values. We are constantly looking at market rents, market sales, and market inventory. With this analysis, we can assure you the best purchase price for your investment.

Rental Income – The local real estate market typically determines what rent can be charged for a particular unit. Columbia Real Estate will give market rent analysis on any property in the market.

Property Expenses – Expenses can be the most important factor in the real estate investment. Through profit and loss analysis, we will make sure that property is being expensed correctly and efficiently.

Strategies? Columbia Real Estate will discuss with the real estate investor what particular investment strategy they are trying to achieve. Some want a "Buy Low and Sell High" strategy. Others will want a "Buy and Hold" strategy, or even a blend these strategies. We will ensure that each investor know the advantages and disadvantages of both and guide you in the process.

Want to buy in other markets other than Columbia, Missouri?

Have another real estate market besides Columbia in mind? No problem, we can help with any market that you would like to make an investment in. Our team has the expertise analyze real estate investments in any market, whether it be St. Louis, Kansas City, or other areas in Missouri. Columbia Real Estate is the one to call.

What's next?

Columbia Real Estate recommends that you contact us to schedule an investment analysis meeting. We will discuss Maximum and Minimum Investment, Investment Goals, and the Investment Marketplace. Our experience has also allowed us to solidify relationships with key advisors for any real estate investor. We can advise you to meet with property managers, accountants, maintenance companies, and attorneys that all have expertise in real estate.

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