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Our experienced team of professional real estate agents can help you buy or sell your property fast and for top dollar. Columbia Real Estate specializes in marketing real estate for sale throughout central Missouri. We go above and beyond traditional methods by using a unique combination of high definition virtual tours and social media to help you sell your property.

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Central Columbia Fighting the Floods

Two homes located in Central Columbia to be demolished in hopes of relieving flooding issuesGlad to hear the City of Columbia is taking action and developing a plan to prevent future flooding in the homes located in Central Columbia. The pipes underneath some of these homes built around Again St, W. Worley, and surrounding areas were simply not built to keep up with the development Columbia has experienced. Two homes have been purchased by the city to be demolished. A swale will then direct the storm-water away from the surrounding homes. Hopefully this will help relieve some of the residences of Central Columbia ...

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Selling Your Home? Avoid This Costly Mistake!

Selling Your Home? Avoid This Costly Mistake!Maybe your house is in a great neighborhood in a desirable part of town. You hire a real estate agent, confident that once the sign goes up, the buyers will come flocking in to view it right away. You may be thinking that you will get a quick sale at asking price, no problem.Only a month passes, and there are zero offers. You may have to move soon and are getting nervous about making double mortgage payments, but no one is interested in your current home. Then, to make matters worse, buyers that view your home are leavings lots of negative comments! So what ...

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Your Dream Home Becomes Your Reality

A solid strategy on what to accomplish and when, can ensure a smooth transaction when buying your next home. Are you dreaming of buying a home. Do you want to buy your first home? Maybe you are just wanting to buy a larger or smaller home, than the one you now own. Columbia Real Estate in Columbia, Missouri can help you and your family. We are a very friendly real estate company and we set and achieve much higher standards in the services we provide our customers. Here in Columbia Missouri, many families are fantasizing about a new home. Thoughts and dreams of beautiful yards, gourmet kitchens and spacious, walk-in closets, can...

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