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Selling Your Home? Avoid This Costly Mistake!

Selling Your Home? Avoid This Costly Mistake!

Maybe your house is in a great neighborhood in a desirable part of town. You hire a real estate agent, confident that once the sign goes up, the buyers will come flocking in to view it right away. You may be thinking that you will get a quick sale at asking price, no problem.

Only a month passes, and there are zero offers. You may have to move soon and are getting nervous about making double mortgage payments, but no one is interested in your current home. Then, to make matters worse, buyers that view your home are leavings lots of negative comments! So what is the problem?

You are not making your house ready for buyers!

Warning, unless you get the house show-ready, it can sit on the market and sell for far less than asking price. This mistake is a common one. Many sellers think they can just put a sign up and that is enough. But buyers do not go for that. They want to back up their moving truck, unload their stuff, and enjoy their new home.

When sellers refuse to believe they need to get their house ready to go on the market, they can suffer financial consequences.

It can result in a lower final selling price. Then sellers will feel offended because an offer is far below expectations. So if this mistake can cost you time and money, not to mention causing some serious stress, why do sellers refuse to make their houses more attractive to buyers?

First, they do not believe it makes a difference.

Second, they do not think there is a problem.

Third, they think they do not have the money.

You have got to invest in enticing potential buyers.

De-cluttering your home makes it look bigger and cleaner. Get rid of any surface clutter and keep personal touches, such as picture frames to a minimum. Clean your house like you have never cleaned it before. Windows should sparkle. Also, make sure the house smells nice and fresh. Do a daily wipe-down on all surfaces, especially in the bathroom and kitchen. Keep counters completely clear to make them look as big as possible.

When a buyer pulls up to your house, you have five seconds for that house to sell itself from the curb. And when the front yard looks inviting, that creates positive expectations about what they will see inside. If your house is in serious need of a coat of paint and a new roof, you will have to either deal with those issues or adjust the price accordingly and wait for buyers willing to take care of it themselves. If you want to get top dollar for your home, you have to prepare to make it buyer-friendly.

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